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Mosquito nets

Mosquito net is  a simple and effective way to protect the rooms from the insects running in the rooms.. Due to its construction it doesn’t cause a fresh air  inflow reduction into the room. Different types of constructions enable individual matching of the system to your needs. We propose to use frame or roll-up  mosquito nets for the windows. On the other hand door mosquito nets can be on the hinges with the door closer or roll-on – hidden into the cartridge.

Rigid mosquito net (frame) 

Anti-insect mosquito net is suitable for mounting in all carpentry systems, for both PCV and  wooden products. A simple and reliable way of the frame fixing alongside its whole surface with the help of rotary handles without the frame structure modification makes the mosquito net mounted on the window improve its functionality and effectively protect from insects. It doesn’t reduce visibility in the window opening. It is its integral part. Mounting and dismounting of the mosquito net doesn’t require the use of any instruments. All elements which the frame consists of are resistant against atmospheric factors which ensures the mosquito net durability during  many years of its usage. 

Openable mosquito net (net doors)

Openable door mosquito net on the hinges is a perfect protection from insects ensuring a simple usage of balconies and terraces. It doesn’t reduce visibility in the door opening. It is made of special aluminium door sections with the bar in its middle part or without it. The door mosquito net is mounted  to the door frame with the help of three hinges on one side and it is fixed in a closed position with the help of two magnetic locks on the other side. The door mosquito net can be mounted both to the PCV and wooden doors.  

Roll-up mosquito net

Roll-up net advantages are as follows: the possibility of mounting outside or inside the building, the possibility of a small measuring defect correction during mounting works, the durability of net mounting and the resistance against wind blows.  The roll-up net runs in the guide rails and it is hidden into the cartridge, so there is no need to dismount this net in winter. Its service is easy as the mosquito nets are equipped with the spring mechanism which significantly improves comfort of work.