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PVC systems

Bob Rollo

Window system  - aluplast  is a new generation of sections which fulfils the requirements demanded from future windows. They combine the most modern technique and the highest living comfort. 


The rich product offer - aluplast - includes a number of window section systems: the most popular sections with building depth of 70 mm and the sections allocated to passive houses. The newest range of systems energeto® sections is an answer for more and more popular energy efficient building and so called passive building. In the window market it is a revolutionary solution and new dimension of window projects which are able to meet the highest demands in the range of energetic efficiency.


Varied widths of visible spaces in window sections and different building depths give the choice of the best solution for this  house and enable following even the most demanding norms concerning heat protection. Original and harmonious design in connection with rich system solutions give unlimited possibilities to create windows and underline one’s own style.


A rich choice of different types of pane slats creates additional possibilities of window styling and matching them to the interior character.